I grew up with a mom who crocheted and did needlepoint.  She taught me both of those things.  I can’t remember a time when I have not created things with needle and fiber.  In my adult life I taught myself to cross-stitch and knit.  These days I can honestly say knitting is my favorite.  However, with a dresser full of kitting, crocheting, needlepoint and cross-stitch supplies, not to mention a closet full of fabric and card making and scrap booking materials it’s hard to say what is truly my favorite form of crafting.  I like to do it all!!!  At present I’m knitting an afghan for my oldest daughter.  I love cabling and am really enjoying this pattern.  It is a repeat of ten rows and something I can do while listening to the T.V. or having a conversation.

I picked this pattern after finishing an afghan for my son who recently graduated from HSU with a BS degree in Forestry.  The pattern I did for him was the Nature in Natural pattern at http://www.lionbrand.com.  It was a complicated pattern but I am here to tell you that I learned so much about knitting a much more about myself.  That…will be another post.
Happy Stitching!!

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