A Graduation Present for My Son

This last December my son graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry.  So very proud of him.  He is the first of my kids to graduate from college.  The whole time he was at school I knew that I was going to knit something for him.  That something was the Nature in Natural afghan from Lion Brand.  I kind of went back and forth between that and The Tree of Life afghan but settled on the Nature in Natural.  The example was made in an off white color but I did Christopher’s in Moss green.

I can tell you that I was very nervous starting this pattern.  I’ve been knitting for a long time but don’t usually do anything more complicated than alternating knits and purls. This pattern was five pages long and used the cable needle a lot.  Of done a basic cable on a scarf before but nothing beyond that.  I learned  so much about knitting and  a lot about myself in knitting this blanket.  Exceeded my expectations by miles!!
Below are some photos of the finished product.

As I said earlier I learned a lot about knitting and a lot about myself.  Really learned all the intricacies of using a cable needle and am now hooked!  I want to knit everything with cabling in it.
As for myself, I’ve learned I’m unwilling to overlook even the littlest mistake.  I had gotten about a sixth of the way through the pattern and saw some mistakes I had made along the way.  Every time I looked at my work my eyes zeroed in on those mistakes.  Couldn’t take it anymore and ripped it out…all the way out. And started over.  Much to the disbelief of my fifteen year old who also knits.  She was right.  No one would have known I had made a mistake but I knew.  
It happened again when I got to the center panel with the tree.  Everything was going along nicely and then I noticed I had done a LPT instead of a RPT for a few rows where the branches started.  No one would have known unless they were a knitter but I did so……I took it off the needles, tore it out down to where the trunk ended and branches started, painstakingly put all 230 stitches back on the needles and picked up in the pattern where I left off.  
In a different time I would have let some of those mistakes go. But, I find I’m unwilling to leave it be.  And, I really feel really good about the knitting I’m doing now.  
BTW, gave the afghan to my son at a little graduation party we had.  He loved it : )

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