Instant Gratification

Not too many of the needlework projects I take on are done quickly.  I tend to gravitate towards things that take quite a bit of time and effort.  I perfect example is the afghan I’m currently working on. Because I do projects like that I end up a little bogged down with and put it down for days and days.  So, every once in a while I put it down and decide to do some instant gratification projects.  That kind of gets me back in the mood to work on the larger project.  The instant gratification projects I like to do can vary in time from a couple hours to a couple nights to a couple weeks.  But, usually not more than two weeks.  On that note…..

tonight I made a cup cozy.  I’ve been seeing patterns for these and some of them are just way cute!!!  I found a crochet pattern on Ravelry (love that site).  So, went to my yarn stash which is pretty sizable thanks to my friends mother.  She does all kinds of crafty things too and sent me a whole bunch of full skeins of yarn. Found some colors I liked and BOOM!!  Coffee cup cozy in about an hour.  
The yarn came from Sandra (my friends mom) and the button is a deer antler button my dad made when he was alive.  He wasn’t a hunter but a friend of his was and gave him some deer antler.  My dad was a lapidarist and used the deer antler as he would with the stones he worked with.  I have a few polished slices and have put backs on them for buttons.  Thought it was a nice touch.
Now, I think I may see what else I can do this weekend that doesn’t take too much time.  I really do like these little projects.  

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