Finishing Projects

I am notorious for getting multiple projects going.  Right now I’ve got the afghan for my daughter and 3 needle-points going.  Plus, when I was rummaging through my craft dresser I found two counted cross-stitch projects that I had forgot about.  Oy vey!
So, I’ve made a commitment to finish the oldest one I have started.  My mom bought me a Celtic knot needle-point when I was recovering from back surgery in 2006.  We went to a needle-point store that used to be here in Napa and got the canvas and fibers.  It’s really beautiful but not without it’s difficulty.  Only three colors.  Green, gold and burgundy.  This first difficulty is that it has curves.  Those always mess me up in needlepoint.  Trying to make the decision of what color to use to make the curve come out curvy and not boxy.  The second difficulty is that one of the fibers does not go through the canvas well.  It always gets hung up when I am putting the needle through and it gets to the eye.  It is three strands that I take apart and use just two of the three strands.  I’ve tried one strand and it’s just not enough coverage.  Two is perfect but a little hard on my fingers.  The gold is really lovely to work with.  So, I switch to that when my fingers get too fatigued and sore.
My goal is to finish this one by my birthday next month.  We shall see!  I’m hoping by setting this as a goal I can get it completed.  Still not sure if it will be framed or made into a pillow.  I think it’s perfect for a pillow so that’s what I’m leaning towards.

Some photos of the project:

15″ x 15″ Celtic Knot

Up close of the work I’ve done so far

Half way done.  
So, given that I am half way done with it I think as motivated as I am I can get it done by April 28th.  Wish me luck!!!

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