The Process

Well, I can tell you my birthday came and went and the Celtic knot is not done.  However, I’ve been doing more writing than stitching these days so that’s fine.
I’ve noticed though that in everything I do I am attracted to the creative process.  I think it is what drives me to do most of what I do. Whether it be needlepoint, writing, knitting or scrap-booking it is the process that I love the most.  Maybe that is why there are so many projects I have going that continue to evade me in being finished.  The process is what I enjoy the most.
So, off I go to put pen to paper again instead of needle to canvas.  But, that’s o.k. This blog is the combination of two things I love the most.  Stitching and writing.  One is a good exercise for the other.

Thank you once again for reading and keep on stitching (or writing or whatever you love to do the most).



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