Crazy for Beanies

So, I’m on this total beanie kick.  I keep seeing different patterns and think, “I should try that one!”  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  I made a gray one for my daughter.  The other two aren’t quite her style but I really enjoyed making them.  My favorite method of knitting is with double pointed needles so the last one (the rose colored one in the photo below) is the one I enjoyed the most.  Although the crocheted gray one was the quickest to make.  For the knitted hats I used Lion Brand Wool Ease.  The darker rose is Heather Rose and the lighter shade of rose is Blush Heather.  For the crochet hat I used Red Heart Heather Gray knitting worsted.

Tonight I started a hat called the Lucy Cloche.  I saw the pattern at our local yarn store, “Yarns on First”.  I’m using Cascade 220 to make it.  I’m excited to do something with a little more challenge.  This pattern has you use a 16″ circular needle to knit in the round.  I’ve used circular needles before but just for large projects like a blanket or shawl.  The first row was challenging but it’s already getting easier.  Pictures and thoughts to follow.
Stitch on my friends!


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