Something for the cats

I have two cats.  They are both tortoise shell colored and fabulous cats.  Cute, personable, loving and absolutely beautiful.  One is Tortie (we were so original with that name) and one is Candace (she came to us with the name).  While both are tortoise shell they are very different in both appearance and personality.  Tortie we adopted when she was one year old.  She was rescued from a field with a litter of kittens. She is stocky with dark coloring, short hair and tail and it looks as though she is wearing a light colored mask.  Candace on the other hand is long and sleek with longer light colored hair and long tail. We adopted her at about nine months old. Tortie is a bit on the grumpy side but loving and Candace is very skittish and loves to snuggle with her mom (me).
If you have cats you know that all you have to do is put down a box, bag or basket and within minutes you have caught a cat.  They can’t resist containers.  Yesterday my mom gave my daughter and I large basket for our crafting stuff.  We brought them home, put them on the living room floor and within 5 minutes we had caught two cats.

So, I called my mom and told her the baskets were great but with cats in them we couldn’t put much in them in the way of crafts. She laughed and said it would give her more reasons to buy baskets.  
This prompted me to get busy and finish up the cat bed for them that I’ve been crocheting.  I had intended to have it done by Christmas but with working 50+ hours a week during December that didn’t happen.  Anyway, it had started out as a Cat Cave but wow! it was a lot of work.  I started out with a pattern and had to alter it quite a bit given the cats are pretty big. It was worked in four strands throughout.  Yesterday when I set it down to take a break on it Tortie hopped in and I found a new way to finish up.  Now it is a cat bed. Tortie seems to like it.  Candace only went near it once and that was to see what Tortie was doing in it.  She gave her a look that said “you are ridiculous!” and ambled off.
Making my people and cats comfortable and happy.  That’s what I’m all about : )
Side note: This used up quite a bit of yarn from my yarn stash including some beautiful variegated yarn my friends mom gave me.

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