Finished Projects

My last post talked about the basket of unfinished projects I have.  Many unfinished projects.  I’m till working on the blanket for my oldest daughter.  In fact I even took it with me to my youngest daughter’s drumline competition this weekend and got a lot done.  One more competition and I should have it finished.  Just kidding.  I’d love to finish it up by the end of the week.
However, I did take a break and my 25% off coupon for Michael’s craft store and got some of the things I need in order to finish some of these projects.  So coupon and list in hand I got what I needed to finish a few of the smaller projects.  Such as this:

I made this for my youngest daughter who is a huge Dr. Who fan the Christmas before last.  It’s supposed to depict the Tardis in a worm hole at the beginning of each episode. I got the idea from someone on Ravelry I think.  It’s a crocheted hexegon that is worked with both colors at the same time but not together.  Not sure that makes sense but I do like the way it turned out and would probably make another one but in different colors again some time. It ended up about 4 1/2 feet across.  After I was done I wished I had added some red in there someplace but I do like the effect.  The Tardis is made from felt sort of like doing paper piecing for scrapbooking.  The reason this has been a project to finish is that shortly after Christmas the Tardis started coming off.  So…. brainy me…took the iron to it hoping to get the fuseable webbing I used to stick better.  Well, the Tardis promptly melted and I ended up with an unfinished blanket and messy iron.  Finally, it is finished.  
The other project I finished was three counted cross-stitch pieces that just needed frames.  They are from a book my mom got me years and years ago.  I had asked my youngest daughter which ones she would like (she was about 4 years old at the time) These are the three she chose.  I really enjoyed stitching them and was so excited to get them in frames. And so they sat for about 10 years in  a bag.  I found them when I was sorting through projects and this last weekend Sonnie (my daughter) and I went shopping for frames.  She’s got a good eye for bargains and found these for 50% off.  And, I think they work really well with the stitched pieces.  Plus, I’m happy she still wanted them in her bedroom at 16 years of age.

I’m so happy to have them framed and now feel even more inspired to get some more projects completed.  I did buy embroidery floss to finish the Father Christmas blanket and Halloween counted-cross stitch so I am ready for those next.  I also got the fabric and pillow form to finish the pillow that Sonnie latch hooked when she was a little girl.
As always, keep on stitching!!!

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