Cable blanket for Heather

Tonight I finished up a blanket I’ve been working on for my oldest daughter.  Done in cable stitch it was a joy to make.  I used Lion Brand Chunky in gray and it turned out just wonderful.  It’s smaller than anticipated but because of the weight I’m thinking it’s going to stretch out some.  A link for the pattern is in my previous post entitled Project Finish UP.  It’s a great cable pattern that someone who is fairly new to knitting could do.  Even with the ease of the pattern I think it’s got an impressive look to it because of how wide the cables are.  The cables were worked over 12 stitches which made it a bit trying at times to keep the first six stitches on the cable needle while I knitted the second six stitches but it can be done.  The pattern does instruct you to make it in panels but I don’t like doing seams so I just knitted them all together.  Glad I did.  Anyway, here it is:

I like it : )  I hope she will too.  I’ve laid it out on her bed as I’ll already be in bed tonight when she gets home (5am comes early for me) but wanted her to have it now.  
Stitch on my friends!!

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