Field Trip with Mom

My mom and I used to take “field trips” often.  Our field trips were usually to a scrapbook, craft or needlepoint store.  Those days have become few and far between with a full time job for me and all the things that go into raising a very school-involved kid.  My mom doesn’t drive into unfamiliar areas anymore so my Mother’s Day gift to her was to take her on a “field trip” to a needlepoint store in Alameda that we really like.  Both of us are trying to finish up some canvases we have so this was something I knew she would like to do.
The store we like is Needle In A Haystack.  We haven’t been there in a long time but every time we go we’re able to get what we need. They have everything you need for needlepoint, crewel, cross-stitch and more.  There are stretcher bars, fibers, kits and canvases.  It’s a beautiful store.
Today I bought what I needed to finish up three Christmas stocking cuffs.  I started them quite a few years ago and just recently got them out to finish.  One of them just needs a hand full of stitches (ran out of the fiber I needed) and some beads added.  Another one is about half finished and the third one I have not even started.  They work up quickly but I have kept them in a closet and just never really thing about getting them out.  So, now I have all I need to complete them.  When they are done I’ll send them out to be finished.  I think I could probably do it myself but with all the work that has gone into them I don’t want to chance messing them up.  There are people out there who can do it and do it right.  So, that’s the route I’ll go.
These are the cuffs:

This cuff needs just some little blue stitches and beads added.
This one is about half way done.
Not started yet.
The fibers I have used for these consist of 15 and 25 mm DMC, Frosty Rays, Treasure Ribbon and Flair. I like using more matte fibers with the sparkly ones to give the piece dimension.  I also picked up some Mill Hill glass beads to use where the gold lines intersect.  Should be nice when I get them done.  So…my stash for today was:
I also treated myself to some gold tapestry needles.  I have some that are smaller for counted cross-stitch but have not had them for needlepoint.  Gold needles if you’ve never used them are nice because they slide through what you’re working on very nicely and easily.  It’s my preference.
Mom got just about as much as I did.  She’s working on a turtle in pinks and salmon colors.  It’ll be beautiful.  She was the one who got me started with needlepoint by buying my first canvas which was of a swan.  It turned out beautiful and I was hooked.

BTW, after the needlepoint store we had lunch at Spenger’s Seafood Grotto in Berkeley.  Forgot how much I liked that place.  Spenger’s is also a place we haven’t been to in a long time.  Glad we stopped there. Mom had New England clam chowder and I had seafood gumbo.  Really was a nice treat and I nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom.

I think I’m going to make some tea and get to stitching.  Have a happy Mother’s Day and keep on stitching.

~ Tracy

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