Good-bye Candace

Today’s post is not about knitting, crochet or needlepoint but about our dear cat Candace.

This last week we lost our sweetheart Candace.  She was one of the sweetest cats I have ever known.  We adopted Candace when she was 9 months old and had her for just two years. Soft, sweet, cuddly and a nice companion for our other cat Tortie.


A couple weeks ago she stopped eating and started losing weight.  Turned out she had feline immunodeficiency virus.  We didn’t even know until it was too late.  Thursday we had to have her put to sleep to end her suffering.  We’ll miss her so much. We already do.

Some of the numerous things we’ll miss is her kneading everything. And I mean everything.  Where our other cat Tortie didn’t play with cat toys Candace was a veritable acrobat with them.  Tossing toys in the air and catching them in her paws.  We’ll even miss her licking us.  She would lick and lick until you just had to get her to stop.  I’ve heard that this is a sign that she was taken from her mother too young.

Because of her diagnosis of FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) we had our other cat Tortie tested last Saturday for the corona virus and am happy to say she does not have it.

Good-bye dear Candace.


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