A Lesson in Crafter’s Math

Here is some instruction on how to add up your craft projects.  

5 WIPs (Works in Progress) and determination to get them done before starting another project.

Whoops!  A friend is having a baby, must make a baby blanket.   Add one more project.

Baby blanket complete and was soooo much fun to make.  Browsing baby patterns.

Almost finished with one WIP (needlepoint). Browsing Keepsake Needle Arts, Herrschner’s, etc.  Fall is coming, I think I’ll just buy a canvas and set of four counted cross-stitch patterns.  I will not start them until this WIP is complete.

Needlepoint WIP complete. Oh look! I love this crochet afghan pattern.  It won’t take long to work up.  I’ll just slide this in between WIPs. But, once I finish this one….Definitely going to finish the other 4 WIPs.

Do I now have 4 or 5 WIPs??

Crochet, crochet, crochet…..This is bigger than I thought.  I’ll just take a break and work on a WIP. This is not grabbing me much either.  

O.k. I’ll just do this tiny counted cross-stitch pumpkin.  

Alright, maybe I’ll do two. You can’t have just one of them done.

Back to afghan.  Love these colors.  I’ll just finish this up pronto.  It’ll look nice draped on the couch.  I wonder if there are any pillow patterns in this stitch.  Then I could use the same color to make those?

Hmmm….running out of yarn for the afghan.  Google search to see if I can find more.  Oooo, look at that yarn.  That would make some nice socks. FOCUS!! We are only looking for what we need to finish the crochet afghan.  O.k. I’m going to just get two skeins of sock yarn as well.  And a pattern book…And…

Cleaning the craft room.  Look here!  I forgot about this WIP.  I think I started that when my youngest was born. 17 years ago? Really?  I’ll get everything I need together to finish it and put it with my other WIPs.  Hmmm.  I’ll need some more Kreinik #8 in Emerald High Lustre to finish that. I guess I’ll need to take a trip to the local needlepoint store. Oh darn!

I think I may be down to 3 WIPs.  I’ve been doing a lot with all these projects.

Oh hey!! Another baby.  Off to the craft store for yarn because none of the 32 skeins of baby yarn will be quite right.

I know you can relate.  I do admire those who are working on just one project at a time.  Those people… you know who they are… pick a canvas and fibers or pattern and yarn and start the thing and work on it until it’s finished before starting a new project.  Either they are focused or just really bad at Crafter’s Math.

Thank you for reading! BTW, still not sure how many WIPs I have. ☺

Stitch on my friends

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