Talent in the Family

I’ve got something to share. Once again nothing to do with stitching.  My brother, Kelly, is an artist.  Not just an artist but an excellent artist.  His style is extremely imaginative and whimsical.  His specialty is monsters.

You see, we grew up on monsters.  We saw all the movies, watched Creature Features on the weekend with host Bob Wilkins and were never short of imaginative stories often started by our dad.  Kelly has carried on that imagination very well and has let it influence much of his drawings.  A huge fan of Halloween, my brother, his wife Angie and their friends are known for costumes, decorations and most of all pumpkins.  They don’t just celebrate Halloween, they live it.

Kelly doesn’t just draw. He takes in information, mulls it around and creates some pretty amazing art.  Words don’t do it justice at all.

So, if you go to kellydoren.blogspot.com you will find a sampling of his work.  It’s fun. I especially love the 31 days of Monsters he does every year. There you will find out how much he is influenced by Halloween and Monsters.

Blogger logo.png


Check it out, drop him a line!  You’ll be glad you did.

Tracy  (Kelly’s proud sister)

PS. Keep on stitching, drawing, making music, whatever you do.  The world is better for it!


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