Busy Bee at work

If you have been reading my blog for long you know I struggle with finishing projects.  I get so excited about something new I want to make that I often times drop the current project to start another. Thus, too many projects half done to count.  Over the last month, however, I have managed to finish a couple projects (see On Pins and Needles post). I’ve also started and finished a couple projects and have one on the way to completion.

I cam across a cute unicorn crochet pattern from a site called Little Yarn Friends. I posted it on Facebook and said something like “I want to make this simply because it’s so adorable”. Which it is: tumblr_m53spxzhzu1r9eyk1

My brother said he would like one in Frankenstein colors with stitches and everything. So….. challenge accepted.

I was trying to decide if this little guy should be called Frankencorn or Unistein or something else.  But, when my brother received his little box in the mail with this guy in it he called it “Baron Hoofenstein, Undead Unicorn”. I like it.  He is definitely the more creative of us two  : )

Another little project was some crochet cabin boot slippers.  My brother shared it on Facebook and my daughter said she wanted some.  So…. I got out some flip flops, and aul, yarn and crochet hook and made these for her.


The pattern comes from a website called Make and Do Crew. If you like crochet, they are worth checking out.  Anyway, what makes these slippers nice is that you use a pair of flip-flops to make the sole.  That way if you need to you can wear them outside.  I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick in the color Hudson Bay and buttons from one of my mom’s button boxes.  The flip-flops I got for $2 at Old Navy.  Oddly enough the first boot went really well and really easy but the second one I struggled with.  I think the reason for that is there is a right and left so it was a little difficult to get my head wrapped around the direction for the second one.  Anyway, put them in the mail on Thursday this week and my daughter got them yesterday so I can finally publish this post : )  She loves them by the way!

I just got back from Michael’s where I picked up some yarn (as if I don’t have enough) for a scarf project.  I’ll talk more about that later as it is a gift for my sweetheart.  And, I have promised myself I’ll finish up the needlepoint I’m working on before I start it.  More on the needlepoint in my next post.  I’ll just say it’s nearly finished and couldn’t be happier to be able to get it done soon.  Where I like the design I’m not overly fond of working with Persian wool.  So, to get it done would make me really, really happy!

So, off to a birthday party at a place where you paint and drink wine….what a great way to spend the afternoon.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and do something creative!!!

Your stitching friend,





Project Finish UP

One thing I know about myself is that I’m a good starter.  What I wish I was, was a good finisher.  Therein lies the reason I have this:

This is a rather large basket that my mom gave me a while back. Hmmm. What can I do with this? Well, I had recently decided I was going to gather all those projects that needed finishing a put them together with what they need to be finished. If the project needed fabric, I’d put that in it. Fibers? I’d add those.  If I didn’t have what I needed to finish the project I wrote on an index card what I needed and put that with it.  This way, when I was ready to tackle it I had a immediate list of what I needed. Just grab the index card and head to the nearest craft store. It was quite a big job to get it all together because living in a tiny apartment I have stuff in many nooks and crannies.  Most people spring clean. Maybe? I do a New Year’s cleaning.  I just feel like if I start the year off with things clean and organized then that sets the pace for the year.  This year, I had a four day weekend to do it in and with the exception of being with my mom in the ER because of a fall (she’s totally o.k. now : ) whew!) I got everything done with the help of my son. Even repaired earthquake cracks. So… back to the basket. What’s inside.
A pillow cover my youngest made with latch hook that I’ve been saying I’ll put together for her. Technically it’s her project but I made a project to make it into a pillow.  Three baby wildlife counted cross-stitch pieces that need frames. A pig needlepoint that I want to have put in a coffee table tray. Need the tray. A black Halloween counted cross-stitch piece that is half done.  Not sure what happened to all the floss but I do have the pattern so just need thread.  A hexagon blanket that was made to be the Dr. Who wormhole that shows at the beginning of the show.  There was a felt Tardis on it that melted when I tried mount it with fuseable webbing.  Need felt for that.  It was a gift for my youngest and she’s never really had it because I’ve been lame in getting it fixed.  Then I have 3 needlepoint stocking cuffs. One is stitches away from being done, one is half done and one not even started. 3 kids, 3 cuffs, Then I’ll need to figure out a pattern for the stocking or have them made up for me. 

and…..a Father Christmas counted cross-stitch lap blanket that is half done. And some Christmas ornaments that need finishing up. Counted cross-stitch as well.

Then, there are more needle-points. The Celtic Knot which I mentioned in an earlier post which is a little more than halfway done. And my favorite, favorite thing I have is hard to explain.  So, I’ll save the explanation for another post but it is a three dimensional cat.  It’s done with different fibers, in different pieces and when I’m done with it I’ll have to send it to someone who will put it together for me.  Mom has done a couple of these.  She gave this to me about three years ago.  The fibers are pricey so I get a little bit at a time and so it goes.  
My strategy for getting this done is taking the smallest and/or easiest and getting that done first. Then the next and the next.  Probably the ones that require framing only will come first or the wormhole. That way I see some progress and don’t get discouraged. When I get to where there is just the needle-points left I’m going to knit a sweater I’ve wanting to make for about a million years.  That will be my reward for getting that done.
Before I start on those I’m going to finish what I’m currently working on which is an afghan for my oldest daughter.  I have started two different afghans for her and just didn’t feel like they were right.  So, I ripped them out!  And finally got smart and asked her what she would like.  She took the bait and showed me a pattern.  She likes cables. So, the blanket she picked out is from Lion Brand.It is the Cable Blanket Throw and is worked up in Wool Ease Thick and Quick. She wanted it in gray so I’m using Heather Gray.  It is five panels but I don’t like sewing knitting together nor do I do it well.  So, I’m using circular needles and knitting them all together.  It’s going really well.  And the nice thing is that she knows I’m making it.  It’s a birthday gift and her birthday was yesterday but she knows it will take a bit of time.  The pressure is off so I’m really enjoying it and  I love, love, love working with cable needles.
I’ve been home sick for a week, so I’ve made a lot of progress.  I have a cold that has turned into bronchitis. Nasty stuff. But, getting better.  I’ll take advantage of the time and hopefully have this to her soon.
Thank you for reading and Stitch On!