Granny Squares

One of the first things I learned how to crochet was a granny square.  If you learn how to chain, single crochet and then double crochet the next obvious step is the granny square.  There is so much you can do with a basic granny square.   I remember my mom and her neighbor making afghans, vests, hats…all kinds of things.  We had an afghan that I think one of my grandmothers made that was made from granny squares.  The squares were all different colors but the last row was black and they were crocheted together with black.  I haven’t thought about that blanket in a long time and suddenly am wondering what ever happened to it. Hmmm.

Anyway, nostalgia aside, I really do like granny squares.  So, I picked up some fisherman’s wool and a size G crochet hook and made a shrug.  Whether you are an experienced crocheter or a novice you can make this shrug.  It’s one big granny square.  I love the way it turned out.

I made mine about 40″ across.  Just a big old square.

Step 1-Make a big granny square

Then I took that granny square and folded it in half right sides together.

Step 2- Fold in half, right sides together

I sewed up the short sides from the corners at the open end to about half way up leaving room for the armholes.  I then opened it up and did a double crochet border around the larger opening and around each of the armholes to make a nice finished look.

Step 3 – Open up and crochet a double crochet edge around the large opening and the armholes.

There you have it.  A granny square shrug.  I really like it and with it being as cold as it has been lately this will be great.  I think it will work well right into spring.

Try making one for yourself.  Any worsted weight yarn will work.  Do it in a solid color like I did or use up some of those scraps of yarn for a colorful addition to your wardrobe.  You’ll be happy you did.



Once again, thank you for checking out my blog.  I’d love to see any shrugs you have made or anything with a granny square for that matter.  Just post a link in the comment section so myself and others can check out your work.

As always, Stitch On!