New Beginnings

I have been thinking a lot lately about new beginnings.  The last couple months have seen a lot of new beginnings, fresh starts, etc from the people I love.  A big one for myself involved moving from California to Nevada.  Two weeks in and I know it was meant to be.  I’ve been through some “fresh starts” only to find out it wasn’t everything I thought is should be.  This is different.  It feels comfortable, natural and wonderful. Everything leading to this moment just fell into place so easily.  It was truly amazing.  I’m not the only one who has had some new beginnings.  My son has graduated from fire academy and has accepted a position in another city.  His boyfriend also accepted a position with a major company in California. Now they have a home together.  Some big changes for those two right there. My oldest has a new apartment, new routines and is doing so well. I am so happy for her.  My youngest of the three graduated from high school in June and will start college this month in Nevada.  Big changes!  I, myself, started a new job at the university here.  That was a hard one for me.  I left Napa to move to Reno to be with my fiance, but in the process had to leave some people that left indelible footprints on my heart from my previous job. And  I left behind family and friends that I really enjoy being with. I will find ways to keep in touch with everyone but am happy to say after one week at my new position I know I work with a great bunch of people.

What got me started thinking of new beginnings is a crochet project I’m working on.  My daughter’s friend Michael and his wife are expecting their first baby. Big, wonderful new beginning for them. We have known Michael for many years so I thought I would make a baby blanket for the little guy, Baby G. I started knitting one in a really pretty mint green but then on one of the many drives between Napa and Reno during the move I decided to go in a different direction.  Michael and his wife are huge Dodger fans.  So, I put the mint green blanket aside and picked up some white and royal blue Caron Simply Soft yarn to make a star blanket.


It is the Crochet Star Afghan from The Crochet Crowd.  I have been following them on Facebook and they really have a wonderful variety of patterns. This one you can make any size you like.  So, beyond a baby blanket it could be made big enough for an adult. I’m enjoying this pattern. After about five rows I didn’t need to look at a pattern anymore so this has been a nice project while watching the Olympics.


And so it grows.  The yarn is so soft and I really like how the star is turning out.  A star blanket for the little star of their lives.  Baby G is due in September so I have some time but am hoping to finish it up this week. That way my daughter can take it to the baby shower.

New beginnings, big changes, fresh starts…  We have them throughout our lives. Some seem scary at first but end up being some of the best things in our lives.  I hope your new beginnings are filled with excitement and growth!

Keep on stitching through it all!