A Dream Realized

The holidays are upon us already.  I’ve been busy working on some projects out in the craft room. None of which I can post right now.  Shhhh! Christmas presents.  I’ll post more about that after Christmas.

That being said, I’d like to share a little story.  Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer.  I made several attempts at writing only to hit a road block pretty quick.  It’s not an easy task that’s for sure.  I tried several different genres, many different plot lines and gave up.  Until Tortie.

Tortie is our tortoiseshell cat.  We adopted her in 2011.  She was at an adoption center inside the Petco in Napa, California where we lived at the time.  I was hesitant in adopting a cat after having one that though we loved him immensely, we ended up having to give him up due to behavior issues that we couldn’t resolve.  So, along came Tortie.  She was sweet, beautiful and we were taken by her almost instantly.  She was a year old and had had a litter of kittens.  She needed a home and we adopted her. Though I’m sure if you have had a cat before you know they adopt you.

What a joy she is and she is the inspiration for the book I was finally able to write. She’s cute. She’s quirky. And we just love her.  One night as I was reading in bed and pondering why I couldn’t make the writing thing happen, Tortie jumped up on my bed.  She had cute little habits that had me giggling in spite of myself. As she looked up at me with that little adorable face of hers I asked her, “I wonder what your life was before you were rescued.” And that was it, my muse.

So, I started writing.  The work in progress I fondly called “Tortie’s Maybe Story”. I have never been so inspired and dedicated to a task as I did with that book.  To make the time to write and write consistently I was up at 5:00am every morning so I could write before I had to go to work. I worked on my lunch breaks as well.

During that time as I was approaching the end of the rough draft I had an appointment with an editor through our local independent bookstore.  They had a series of events called “Blind date with and editor”.  The appointment was to be a half an hour but we ended up discussing my rough draft for a little over an hour.  She was very encouraging and we met a few other times after that.  Her life took her to Israel for a couple years so I went at it alone in editing and proofing.  Because the book didn’t really fit any mainstream genres (at least in my thinking) I decided to self-publish. Wow! What an experience.  I can honestly say it took more time and more work than actually writing the book.  After a few little hiccups along the way I am excited to say that my little book is published and ready for distribution.

I’m pretty jazzed about it!  I received my author copies yesterday and couldn’t be more thrilled.


Now for even more work.  And something I’m not really comfortable with. Promoting the book.  Yikes!! That means people might read it!!  Yes, these are the thoughts of a very self-conscious writer.  So, here goes nothing (or maybe a big something!).

If you are interested in checking out my book you can find it on Amazon at Toffee-An Adoption Story. 

Side note: I saw on Facebook this morning that it is Giving Tuesday.  This is a day devoted to charitable giving through your time, money, goods or voice.  I would like to take part in that by giving $1 from every book sold to Whiskers, Tails, and Ferals in Napa, California.  This is where we adopted Tortie from and her sister Candace as well.  They do remarkable work in finding forever homes for homeless felines.  And we are so happy they helped us get Tortie.  This 1$ per book donation/promotion will go on through Christmas.

Check it out! Buy a copy! Support a cause!

And thank you from Tortie and I!

Tortie and Manuscript
My favorite photo of Tortie

Keep on stitching my friends and writing as well!!!


Tracy (and Tortie)

For more about Tortie, visit her Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/tortlebutt/

And on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tracywrites/

Happy Holidays!



Sunday Morning Crocheting

I woke up this morning to a wet world.  Every bit of rain we get here in California makes me happy.  All we’ve heard for the past couple years is the word “drought”.  So, waking up to the sound of rain in the night or a wet patio in the morning thrills me.  It also made for a cozy time of crocheting this morning.  It’s not often this apartment is quiet but this morning I found the living room blissfully peaceful.  So, with coffee, biscuit with honey and my yarn and hook in hand I curled up in our big squishy chair and settled in for some crocheting.  I contemplated putting on the television or some music but sometimes I just like the meditative act of crocheting.  The steady movement of the hook working with the yarn can be quite soothing and helps me to think.  So, this morning I did just that.  It was wonderful.  Those moments are few and far between but I do take advantage of them when I can.

Knitting 11-15-15


My companion on this chilly morning was Candace, one of our tortoiseshell cats.  She is lovely and so very sweet.  She lets me crochet for a while and then gives me a look and meow to tell me that it’s time for her to cuddle up.  She is indeed like a little baby sometimes.  One of her favorite places is snuggled up in my arms against my chest.  She’s a nervous cat and is usually fidgety when she’s laying on me.  She kneads me… and needs me.

We got Candace when she was nine months old.  She’s a rescue cat that we adopted from a place here in Napa called Whiskers, Tails and Ferals.  Because we had adopted our first Tortie (aptly named Tortie) they waved the adoption fee for her.  She came chipped, vaccinated, and spayed just like Tortie.  At the adoption center she was very scared and wouldn’t let me touch her.  In fact I really had doubts as to whether she would be a good fit for us.  We knew if we were going to adopt again that we would need a cat that would be a good companion for Tortie and would be able to get used to an active household. It did take some time but she has turned out to be such a little lover. Still a little skittish but overall a really beautiful addition to our family.  On January 5th we’ll have had her for three years.

This morning as I was taking a break from crocheting I was thinking about how we got her and I know that there are so many cats our there that need homes.  I could easily be that “crazy cat lady” because I would love to give them all homes.  But, two is enough.

If you have ever entertained the thought of getting a cat there are many places out there that adopt out cats.  Below are some links to some good resources.  I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Petfinder – National adoption website

Whiskers, Tails and Ferals – Napa –  If you are in the Napa, CA area

Furry Friends Rescue – Dedicated to the rescue, sanctuary and adoption of companion animals

Petco  and Pet Food Express – Both have adoption events

I hope you’ll check out these links and consider adoption or even fostering an animal until they can be adopted.  You’ll be happy you did!

And so I leave you with Candace.  Candace 11-15-15

As always Stitch On!!  And if you can do it with a cat…all the better!