On pins and needles

December 23rd and I am anxiously waiting for my children to get here.  Of course, they have not even left Napa yet but they’ll be leaving soon.  I try not to look at the weather reports showing snow and promising a couple feet of snow.  We’re not really used to the snow but I am quickly getting there.  However, the kids don’t do much driving in it in fair weather Napa Valley. As you can imagine there is a stark difference between there and here in Reno, NV.

I think you get the idea.

So I wait…..and worry….

I will be so happy when they are here.

Finished Projects

I am pretty stoked about my recent activity in stitching. I have finished two projects. The first one is a knitted in Caron Cakes  in purple hues.  I found out about Caron Cakes through The Crochet Crowd. The pattern is on the site as well but I found it on the band of the Caron Cakes I bought. Two skeins is all it took and it was really enjoyable to make.  If you would like to give it a try you can find the pattern here Triangle Shawl. Very easy even if you are a beginning knitter.



Another project I finished was a crochet Corner to Corner throw. I used some Red Heart yarn that was my mom’s. She had an abundance of it so I thought that it would be great for this.  It was a little more advanced but not by much.  If you know how to chain, single crochet and double crochet you’ll do well with this.


As you can see I had a “shades of purple” thing going on.  Something I discovered about my unfinished (now finished) projects.  Both were at the halfway point when I put them down.  Hmmm….. a pattern I see here.  Pun intended!  What was nice though is that because they both were basically corner to corner when I picked them up to finish them I was on the decreasing end of things so they finished up pretty quick. I’m pretty please with the end result and with myself for actually finishing some things up.

However, in a previous post I talked about Crafter’s Math  which if you have read that you know I’m not very good at math.  So…I have started a new project. Of course!  I won’t say what it is but will post a picture or two after Christmas as it is a gift.

Time to sign off and go to the window to check for the kids again. Safe travels to all who are traveling this holiday and to those who moms are waiting on.


With love from your stitching friend ~Tracy





Road trippin’

A weekend adventure

This past weekend we took a trip to Napa to see our family and friends.  It’s a beautiful 3 ½ hour drive from Reno to Napa.  We had a really wonderful time and I miss everyone already.

We stayed the night there and on the way back we took a different route so we could go through Placerville, CA and stop by at Apple Hill. If you have never been to Apple Hill you have been missing out.  The first time I went there was about 30 years ago.  There were about 35-30 apple orchards in the hills of Placerville.  As time has gone by there have been more popping up and now the count is at around 55.  And those are just the ones registered with the Apple Hill Grower’s association.  There are others that are on their own.

Map of Apple Hill. At just about every stop you can pick up a guide with map, recipes, event information, etc. Helpful to have. As you can see there are many orchards to choose from.

There’s not just apples either.  There are pumpkins, vegetable stands, museums, wineries, Christmas tree farms and berry farms.  There is so much! We are never ever able to see everything and have a tendency to go to our favorites.  But, it’s always a great time.  I can’t think of a time going there that we have come away disappointed.  Take the kids, take the grand-kids or just go!!  You’ll be happy you did. It can be a little crowded on the weekends but it’s still a great time.

Oh and did I say there are a lot of dogs?!  My partner, Lori, seemed to make friends with every dog she came across.


Our goods from Apple Hill. Two bushels of apples, four pumpkins, walnuts and apple cider.

As you can see we’ll be busy making apple butter, apple jelly, some pies for the freezer and we’re going to try our hand at making apple cordial.  Pictures to follow once that is done.

From Apple Hill we continued on highway 50 through the Tahoe National Forest.  An incredibly beautiful drive.  The fall colors have finally emerged and everything is in hues of green, gold and red.  Everywhere we went we were in awe of the stunning foliage.  Fall is my favorite time of year and the colors that come with it are my favorite colors of all.  Along the way we even found a place we’d like to return to for a camping trip.  We’re close enough it could just be weekend away.  Add some fly fishing in and it would be perfect.

As you can see we packed alot into one weekend. Though I have a job I really enjoy I can tell you it was hard to come back on Monday.  I could easily spend my days in that country.  So, so beautiful. Makes my soul happy!

I suggest that before the season ends you visit Apple Hill and let me know in the comments your favorite fall things you like to do as well.

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to share this blog with your friends.

Stitch on!