Relieve my Guilt…..Please!

Relieve My Guilt…..Please!


A raise of hands please. How many of you stitchers/crafters have those projects that you just can’t seem to get done?  How do you handle that?

I have a needlepoint that I am trying to finish right now that is agonizing to get through.  I am determined to get it done as it is from a set of three stocking cuffs that I got with my kids in mind.  I have two done but this third one is just giving me headaches and I don’t like that.  I really enjoyed the first part which was a plaid design and I enjoyed the green. But, the black with the gold in it has given me fits.  I’ve even left the piece at work so I would take some time with it each day on my lunch break. Today I worked for about 15 minutes on it and was absolutely done and longed for some knitting.




My thought at this juncture is that I will put it away with the idea of taking out the black at a later date and doing something else.  Maybe a different fiber, or different stitch or both for that matter.  I just don’t know.

So what do you do?  I know I’m not the only one out there that has multiple unfinished projects that they would like to finish and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has that project that begs to be finished but we just can’t get it done.


That’s my story for today. Short, a little rant maybe but just needed to share.


Thank you as always for reading.  I’d love to know your thoughts.


Stitch on my friends!




2 thoughts on “Relieve my Guilt…..Please!

  1. I feel your pain… I have countless unfinished projects and don’t see any of them getting finished any time soon. I think I just enjoy the whole creative process of starting something new…

    Your work is beautiful. I am always impressed with people who have the patience and talent to sew. My sewing skills are pretty non existent. Thanks for sharing.


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